The Horse and the Snail Story Moral of a horse

The Horse and the Snail Story Moral

Here’s the horse and the snail story moral which make the kid’s learn how arrogance is bad that the horse get defeated by the snail.

Once there was a horse in the jungle.

He was very smart and proud of himself.

One day he saw a snail.

On seeing how slowly the snail was moving he started teasing him.

He told the snail to have a race with him.

The snail was angry with the horse because of his behavior.

He angrily replied to the horse that let’s have a race Sunday morning.

The horse accepted the challenge and went away.

The snail went to his place and told all the snails about the race.

They all have a meet to discussed about the race.

They all decided that we are snails and we look the same so we can do one thing we hide at some distance from the starting point to the finishing line.

On Sunday when the horse came and saw the snail and thought he is so slow that when I finish the line then also he will be here only at the starting point.

As the race started the horse ran with all his speed and on his way, he saw that the snail is beside him so he ran with all his power.

As he came close to the finish line, he saw that the snail was crossing the line before he does.

Then the horse stood and asked the snail how did you finish the line before.

The snail started laughing ha ha ha haha.


We see in life how we get destroyed by arrogance and feel that no one is like me in the world. But never forget that there is someone who will defeat you now or then with intelligence.


We see in life how people act as arrogant like they are something that no one will defeat them but they forget that there is God who is seeing each and everything and will punish when the time comes.

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