Woodcutter Story in English where a beggar gets employment

Woodcutter Story in English

Here’s a Woodcutter Story in English where the woodcutters gave employment to beggar as the beggar want food but in return he earn his living

Once in a village, there lived two woodcutters.

Rohan and Imam used to go to the forest and cut woods.

Then they sell them in the market and earn living.

One day when they were heading towards the forest they saw a beggar who was frail and weak.

Rohan felt pity for him and wanted to give him some food to eat.

He put his hand in the bag he was carrying and took out food.

When he was about to give the food Iman stopped him.

And said we don’t have any extra food this is the food that we will eat after cutting woods.

Imam said to the beggar you can do one thing get up and come with us.

Hold the axe and we will teach you to cut the wood and then sell it to the market and earn your living.

The beggar was disappointed but somehow he stood up and went with the woodcutters.

That day they taught the beggar to cut trees and then they were eating the food after work.

When they all set out to market no one purchased the wood from the beggar so the beggar thought it would be simpler to give me the food.

If they gave me the food then, I should have eaten it.

But after some time, a carriage passed by and took all the wood from the beggar.

The beggar who was hopeless now was happy as he got some money.

He was happy to tell Rohan and Imam his first income from selling woods.

They took the beggar to the axe shop and from half of the money, he bought an axe and remaining he bought food for himself.

Rohan was so happy to see the beggar and imam came to him and asked why are you smiling?

Rohan asked we gave the beggar a life that is better than before.

Imam said, “if we have given food before then he would have eaten it and then he will again get hungry tonight.”

Giving the beggar work, now he will earn with hard work and it will last him for a lifetime.

A life that is far better than begging.


Don’t give him a fish else teach him to catch fish.


We must never give any money or food to the beggar who is quite good with healthy.

Else we must give him some work so that he will earn his living.

If we give once then he will again beg so give him employment, not food.

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