Story on Peace and Harmony stream flowing around the stone

Story on Peace and Harmony

Here’s a Story on Peace and Harmony where a master teaches the young man importance of harmony and peace due to which he did want he wanted.

There was a master of the sport who came to see that players are practicing or not.

He saw that there was a young man who was doing practice on skill but failed in doing.

He again want to do that skill but he didn’t succeed.

Everybody around him who was practicing seeing him and with the people around, he was not able to concentrate on his skill.

After practicing many times and got failed he was irritable about it.

Master went to him and put his hand on the young man’s shoulder and said what you are up to young man.

The young man replied I want to master the skill but didn’t do so.

Master said the only thing which will help you master the skill is Harmony.

let’s go and see how you can do it.

Master took him from the ground and walking to the forest where the stream was flowing.

They sat near the stream and the master told the young man you see stones lying on the stream.

The work of the stream is not to stop anywhere but to flow around the stone.

The master gave the idea to the young man and he understands what the master told.

Then the young man stood up and went to the stadium where everybody was practicing.

He took the ball and without seeing around and with harmony he did the skill in the first attempt.

Then he realized that harmony plays an important role and having peace of mind to overcome difficult situations.


If we want to achieve our goals then there must be harmony and peace within us because this helps us against the distraction of the people around us.


We see in life how we don’t do things in fear of the people that what they would say, what they would think.

This is the fear of the one who thinks this because he only created the net within and then get trapped and never come out of it.

Do not fear or bother who is around, do whatever you are here to do.

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