The Honest Woodcutter Story of honesty

The Honest Woodcutter Story

Here’s The Honest Woodcutter Story where Goddess rewarded woodcutter for his honesty and gave him silver and golden axe.

Once there was a woodcutter who lived in a small village.

Every day he went to the forest and cut woods.

Then he brings the woods to the village and sells them to the merchants and earns his living.

He earn a little more than he need so he satisfied with his work.

One day when he was cutting a tree near the river suddenly his axe slipped from his hand and fell into the river.

He couldn’t go into the river because the river was very deep.

He started thinking of his axe that, he only had one and how he will be earning without the axe.

Woodcutter worried and started praying to God.

He prayed to God, “Please return my axe as it was the only one and without it, I cannot cut trees and earn my living.”

Praying genuinely Goddess appeared in front of the woodcutter.

The woodcutter surprised to see the Goddess and explained what happened to him.

Goddess asked the woodcutter, “What do you want?”

The woodcutter replied, “I want the axe back”

Goddess put her hand into the river and took out a silver axe and asked the woodcutter, “Is this your axe?”

Woodcutter replied after seeing the axe for a minute, “No Goddess, this is not mine”

Again Goddess put her hand into the river and took out another axe which was made of gold and asked, “Is this your axe?”

The woodcutter replied, “No this is not mine”

Goddess again asked the woodcutter, “See carefully this axe is made of gold which is very valuable it will be yours only”

Woodcutter replied, “No goddess this axe is not mine”

Then again the goddess put her hand into the river and took out the axe which was made of iron and asked, “Is this your axe son?”

Woodcutter replied, “Yes this iron axe is mine”

Goddess impressed and gave both the silver and golden axe to the woodcutter to reward his honesty.


Honesty heart produced honest actions. Honesty is always


We see in life how people do wrong with others but if they become honest then the world will be pure.

The world will only contain good people.

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