A tree in the garden denotes Doing Good To Others

Doing Good To Others

Here’s a Doing Good To Others Story where the selfish man did good to others and the life span of him increases as the leaves got dense

Once there was a man who lived in a village who was very selfish.

He used to do his work with the help of others and don’t pay the money to them.

He even hurts the people of the villagers.

One day he went to the headman of the village and asked him to lend him his land as he has nothing to do.

The headman of the village lend him land and told him that if he needs the land then he will take it from him.

The selfish man agreed.

He started farming then he thought that if he would cultivate alone then his health will get affected.

So he thought of hiring some workers from the villagers.

But no one in the village agreed to work with him.

So he called the workers from other villagers promising to give them 7000 rupees after three months.

After three months the crop grows and when the workers came to the selfish man.

The selfish man replied I don’t know you so go out and don’t beg near my house.

The workers went without their money.

That night when the selfish man was sleeping he saw in his dreams that god came to his dreams and told him that he is planting a tree in his garden.

If he will do bad to others then the leaf will fall.

And if no leaf will be left then he would die.

And if he does good to others then new leaves will grow.

He woke up and went to the garden.

He saw a tree with a dense leaf planted in his garden.

But he didn’t learn and continued doing bad to others.

In the evening when he returned to his house he saw all the leaves fall from the tree, only a single leaf was left.

Then he thought that his life is no more and he will die soon.

So he thought of doing good to others.

After coming back to his home he saw the tree was full of leaves.


Doing good to others will come back to you one day.


We see in life how people hurt loved ones for some amount of money.

Stop thinking that money is bigger than relationships.

In some places or some situations, the money doesn’t work so this is a fact.

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