Clever Bird Story where the king garden have grape vine

Clever Bird Story

Here’s a Clever Bird Story where the clever bird teaches the King four things of knowledge. Let’s see what are those four things.

Once there was a king who ruled an empire.

The king has a beautiful garden.

The garden contains many beautiful trees, plants, and flowers.

There was a vine tree which have sweet grapes.

Every day a bird comes and eats those grapes from the vine tree.

The gardener saw the bird was eating sweet grapes he tried to fly away but failed.

He failed to drive the bird.

The next day he told the king about the bird and requested to find a solution for the bird.

The king decided to solve the matter himself.

The next day he went and sat under the vine tree waiting for the bird to come.

When the bird came and sat on the vine the king took a chance and caught the bird.

The bird tried to go out of the king’s hand but failed and requested the king to leave her.

The king refused to leave the bird.

Then the bird told the king, “If you will leave me then I will tell your four things of knowledge.”

The king said to the bird first I will hear your four things of knowledge then I will decide to leave you or not.

The bird said, “The first thing is don’t let your enemy go when they come to your hand.”

The king said, “Now the next.”

The bird said, “Never believe in anything impossible.”

The king replied, “The third thing?”

The bird said, “Don’t regret the past.”

The king asked, “Now the last one.”

The bird said, “the fourth thing is very deep and I wanted to tell you but you have held me so tight that it is difficult to speak”

So the king listened to the bird and the bird find the way to fly through the hands of the king and sat on the branch of the tree which was out of king’s reach.

The bird said, “The fourth thing is nothing happens by listening knowledge it has to be implemented.”

Just a while back I told you three things of knowledge which you ignored.

The first thing I told you to never leave your enemy that came to your hands but you left the enemy that is me.

The second thing I told you is never believe in anything impossible but you believed that I will tell something deep.

The third thing not to regret but you are because I get freed from your hands.

Saying this the bird flew away.


Only listening is not the solution. We have to implement the knowledge to get successful.


We see in life how people only listen to seminars but never implement them in their life.

So how will the change come in their life?

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