Cursed Doll Story who looks pretty

Cursed Doll Story

Here’s a Cursed Doll Story where the employee cautioned the girl of the cursed doll but they ignored it and took the doll to her home.

Once there was a girl who has a collection of dolls.

She likes to collect dolls which are small, big and beautiful.

She has a vast collection of dolls and every day she insists to buy a new doll.

One day she goes to the market to purchase a new doll.

She saw the display and entered the store.

After searching for a while she selected the doll which was very pretty.

She ran to the cash counter and said to the employee that she want to purchase the doll.

The employee looked here and there and was silent for a minute.

Then the employee said to the little girl, don’t purchase this doll.

This is a cursed doll and whoever took it only bad things happen with them.

So this doll is not for sale and put it where you took it from.

The little girl insisted a lot and ignored the warning of the employee.

The little girl looked at the doll which was pretty so she wanted to purchase it.

She was thinking that this doll will increase her collection and with this, the collection looks beautiful.

At last, the employee told the girl ok and said take the doll for free of cost.

But it is not our responsibility if something happens.

After listening that she can take the doll with her she ignored the warning of the employee and happily took the doll.

When she reached the flat pushed the elevator button.

The lift came and with the doll in her hand, she entered the lift.

She was pressing her floor number but the lift was not working.

The lift was getting darker and then the light of the lift was turning on and off.

The little girl got scared and when she looked at the doll, the doll was looking at the girl.

The doll said with a smile “now you can press the button to go up.”


If you refuse directions from an elder, you will walk until sunset.


We see in life how we ignore the words of elders and do our own.

But do not forget that if you respect your elder then only the world will respect you.

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