Creative Problem Solving stories father and son story

Creative Problem Solving stories

Here’s a Creative Problem Solving stories of a father and son who solves the puzzle within minutes let’s see how is it possible.

Once there was a father who has a little son.

On that day father was doing some office work and his son was disturbing him and not let him do his work.

When his father was working he goes and asks his father some questions then ran away.

Within a minute the little boy comes running and asks another question and again ran away.

So his father thought that with this he couldn’t complete his work on time, so he decided to give him some work to do.

Due to this little son will get busy and the father will complete his work also.

Father took out a piece of paper in which a world map was made, he tore the papers into pieces and told his son to solve the puzzle.

Giving him the torn papers his father said, “Join all the papers which will be to the world map”.

After listening to his father he confused but also excited to solve the problem which his father told him to do.

After giving the papers to his son father relaxed but soon his son came running.

Hardly a minute passed the boy solved the puzzled and the world map was there.

His father asked his son how did you do it so soon.

Son replied that at the backside of the world map there a cartoon made.

So I put all the papers so that the cartoon was made then I turned it and the world map was made automatically.

His father smiled and praised his son.


We only see the dark part of our lives but we don’t know that there is also a good part.


We see in life how people don’t see their good part and started blaming themselves for everything that how they failed but they didn’t see that they also led such a beautiful life in their bad times.

They don’t see that at their bad times they have food to eat, they have their parents and friends to share, etc.

So we must not only see our bad part but also the good part.

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