Secret of Success Story

Secret of Success Story

This is the secret of the Success Story that we are encouraged to do without delay. let’s start the story.

Once upon a time there was a young man who worked in a factory.

His mentor, a former professional, told him to talk less, do more and not stop developing his skills in all aspects of factory operations.

Ten years later, the old man retired, and the young man became a professional himself.

He continued to do his work with dedication and diligence.

One day the young man visited his counselor.

The old man saw that he was not happy, and he asked him what was wrong.

The young man sighed and poured out his heart, “I have been following your orders all these years. No matter what I work for, I am quiet and focused on work. I know I did a good job in the factory, and I learned all the skills that could learn there. What I don’t understand is that boys who don’t have the knowledge or skills are all promoted, while I’m doing as little as I used to, while I’m still training “.

The old man asked, “Are you sure you aren’t needed in the industry?”.

He answered “Yes”.

The old man said, “You should ask for a day off, using whatever reason you like”.

The advice surprised the young man.

He thanked his teacher and quickly left to apply for leave.

When he returned to work after his vacation, the manager called him into his office and told him that things were not going well at the factory while he was away.

Some have had to deal with many of the problems that he is used to dealing with, and they do not know how to deal with them.

Realizing his importance the manager decided to promote him instead of being a great professional, thanking him and encouraging him to keep up the good work.

So the young man appreciated the wisdom of his counselor.

Indeed, he thought that this was the secret to success!

From that day on, whenever the young man felt that he deserved more than he did, he took time off.

This process went on for months.

One day, the young man discovered that he had stopped at the factory.

He came to know that his job terminated.

He could not believe it.

Not knowing what else to do, he went back to see his adviser to see how things had gone wrong. “Why did I lose my job?”

He asks, “I did not do everything at your command?”

You didn’t because you only heard half the lesson, ”the old man shook his head.

The young man asked, “Part two?”.

“The second most important thing is to see that if the electric light goes out regularly, then sooner or later it will be replaced with a more reliable one.”


Find a balance in life and life will reward you by giving you balance back.


After learning the secret of success story, in life we ​​all have family members and friends that we take for granted.

They are always there for you.

What if one day they gone?

Thank them, today, for the great privilege of having them in your life.

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