Anger story of a tailor shop

Anger Story

Here’s a Anger Story where a man was jealous of the work of lady and what he did let’s see in the story. Anger is very bad for health.

Once there was a man named Mohan who lived in a village.

The village was very small and there was only a tailor in the village Mohan.

He used to stitch the clothes of the villagers and earn a good income.

As days passed he started becoming arrogant and don’t talk to customers wisely.

When some villagers disagree with him on the wrong work he got angry and told them to leave his shop.

His ego was at the top but villagers can’t do anything because there was only a tailor who knows to stitch.

He started misbehaving with his customers and this attitude of him went on.

One day a lady with her son came to the village for work.

She knows to stitch so she went to Mohan for work.

Mohan refused her and she went.

She thought of buying a machine and started stitching the clothes of the villagers.

She somehow worked and bought a sewing machine.

Now she started stitching the clothes of the villagers.

She was a very polite lady and talk to her customers politely.

Her work of stitching was also good.

Now everyone was going to that lady for stitching and the work of Mohan almost came to an end.

One day came when Mohan didn’t earn a single rupee from stitching.

Mohan’s wife went to meet the lady and talked to her.

She said, “You have opened your shop of stitching so no one comes to my husband’s shop I want you to sell your shop to me”

The lady agreed to her and sold her shop for fifty thousand.

That night Mohan was very angry that he burned the shop the lady.

As Mohan’s wife knew she went immediately and told Mohan you fool the lady has sold this shop to us for fifty thousand and you burned your own shop.

Mohan after listening to this sat down putting his hand on the head.


Anger doesn’t solve anything but it can destroy everything.


We see in life how we take wrong decisions in our life when we are angry.

When we are angry then we must think in our minds about our loved ones.

Then our anger will be gone.

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