Greedy king story who died

Greedy King Story

Here’s a Greedy king story where we see the king dies he doesn’t get a glass of water to drink nor food to eat for one time.

There was a king who had a great empire.

The king was so greedy that he made a cave in the depths of the forest and kept all his treasures, jewels, diamonds, pearls, etc.

At the entrance to the cave the king made only a large door for himself and one of his ministers who were able to open that door.

Every day the king and his ministers go to explore the treasures of the cave.

One day it is unknown to others that the king alone goes to look for treasures and with the rays of riches the king is happy.

He would go to all the separated gold and touch it and walk away happy.

At that moment his minister was passing by who knew the lock of the cave and saw that the door was open.

He thought that yesterday when he came to keep gold in one of the boxes he might leave the door open.

So he closed the door and the king saw his wealth and thought about his riches.

And there came a time when he had to leave and he could see that the door was locked outside.

He was knocking on the door and shouting for help but there was no one in the deep forest.

After that he sacrifices and dwells in the midst of riches.

When he feels thirsty he asks for water but only gold, diamonds, jewels, pearls etc were there and nothing happens.

When he feels hungry and asks for food but gold and diamonds were there.

He then realizes that nothing will help him when he needs food and water, all this is waste when he really needs it so it will not be found in wealth.

King began to faint as he had not eaten or drunk water.

When he knew his time was near he made a bed collecting gold, diamonds, gems, pearls etc.

And he wanted to write something but there was no paper and pen so he cut his finger with a diamond and wrote on the wall that “All this wealth did not give me a glass of water or food at one time“.

The next day when everyone was looking for a king, his minister decided to search the cave.

As he entered the cave he found the king dead and insects eating his body.

Then he sees that the king has written his blood on the wall.


No matter how much money you have, no one will take it away like a greedy king. What goes with it is the good deeds you do in the world.


We see in life, how people run for money as they will take it later in life.

They have forgotten that wealth will remain on this earth.

The only thing that can go is what you do good.

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