Short Story of a honest man riding on a bicycle

Short Story on Honesty

Here’s a Short Story on Honesty where one of the salesman was greedy and the other one was honest and he won the reward for honesty.

Once there were two salesmen in a town.

Both sell pots, pans, and hand-made trinkets.

They divided the town between them.

As they agreed that one has gone through his area, it was all right for the other to try and sell where the first had already tried his luck.

One day while one of them came down the street and a child insist to buy a bracelet.

Her mother told that they have nothing except an old plate to give in exchange for the bracelet.

Somehow the mother tried his luck and called the salesman.

After her daughter selected the bracelet, she told that they don’t have any money but instead an old plate of his ancestors.

The salesman took the place and at the back scratched he saw that the plate was made up of gold and the outer surface was coated with dark color.

And he didn’t let on that he noticed it.

He thought for a while and returned the plate and said this is not worth even one bracelet, there’s no value to this.

He left thinking that if he would return he could take the plate in exchange for a bracelet.

The other salesman finished his part of the town and followed the first as they agreed.

He ended up at the same house.

Again, the poor girl begged her mother to trade the old plate for a bracelet.

The woman looked at him and thought he is a nice salesman he could agree to it.

So she tried her luck and gave the plate to the salesman.

As soon as he saw the plate was made of gold and he informed the lady.

The salesman said, “If I give you all my potteries, pans and my money for this plate you have to give me only eight coins to cross the river and this plate.”

Though the lady now knew that the salesman was a nice and honest man.

She agreed and they had a deal.


Be honest if you want to be trusted.


We see in life how people cheat for just a small amount of money.

If you want to be successful in life then be honest.

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