The Wooden Bowl Story Moral of an old man walking with a stick

The Wooden Bowl Story Moral

Here’s The Wooden Bowl Story Moral the old man eats in a wooden bowl but when four year old kid replied to his father. let’s read the story.

Once there was an old man who came to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and his little grandson.

The old man’s physical condition was not so good.

When he want to walk he need a stick for his support, his hands started to shake and his eyesight got weak.

When the old man came to live with his family they all decided to eat dinner together.

So they all sat at the same table and eat their dinner.

As the old man’s eyesight got weak and his hands tremble so it was hard for the old man to eat properly.

When he picks up the spoon then the spoon falls due to his shaky hands, as he drinks milk some of the milk is spilled on the table cloth.

So both son and his wife got irritated with his father’s act.

So they decided to give him food to his room so that they can’t face any noise or mess while eating.

The old man in his room started to eat in a bowl made of wood so that he can’t break any more crockery.

As the old man broke one of the dishes.

The old man’s eyes filled with tears as he was alone in his room eating.

The four-year-old kid was watching silently.

One day the little kid was playing with some wood scraps.

His father asked with love, “What are you doing son?”

The son replied with love, “I am making two wooden bowls to eat for you and mom when I grow up”

After listening to the little kid’s answer the father’s eyes filled with tears.

Then he realized his mistake.

On the same evening, he holds his father’s hand and brings him to the table for dinner.

For the rest of their life, the old man eats dinner with his family.


As you sow so shall you reap.


We see in life how we misbehave with our parents when they get old.

At that time we forget every good thing they did to us.

So respect your parents because no one can bring them once they are gone.

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