Greediness Story for a jewel

Greediness Story

Here’s a Greediness Story where the jeweler who went to buy the valuable jewel in a cheap price but lost it because of greediness.

Once there a fare held in a village.

At the fair, there were many shops some of the garlands, jewels, crockery, etc.

Among those there was a small shop set up by an illiterate man.

He was selling diamonds and jewels.

His shop was filled with many jewels made of glass.

At the fair, a jeweler was also roaming around the shops.

The jeweler when crossing the shop of the illiterate man saw a jewel made of glass that attracted him.

Suddenly he noticed that the jewel was not an ordinary content but a valuable one.

He stopped at the shop and thought he will make a good profit and asked the price of the jewel.

The illiterate man replied, “This jewel cost you Rs20”

The jeweler thought that let’s bargain so that some money saved and he might give it in Rs15.

The jeweler told his price but the illiterate man was not satisfied with the price.

There were many people around the shop so the jeweler thought that if I come after some time roaming nearby shops then the illiterate man might sell the jewel to me for Rs15.

Thinking of that he went away.

He took some time to roam nearby shops and then returned to the shop.

He saw the piece was missing from the shop.

Jeweler immediately asked the shopkeeper, “where is the piece which I asked you before?”

The illiterate man replied, “I sold the piece for Rs 25.”

Jeweler got angry and said to the shopkeeper, “You fool, it was not just a piece of glass but a very precious piece worth one lakhs.”

The shopkeeper said, “I am not a fool but you are as you know that the piece of the jewel was worth one lakhs and you bargained for it and tried to buy it in Rs15 and left without buying it.”

Listening to this the jeweler regretted his stupidity and left empty-handed.


We lost many valuable things in life with our stupidity and greediness.


We see in life how we regret some money but we can’t think that many people have more money and can buy what is precious.

So thank god for what you have and agree to every decision of god.

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