The Camel Story at desert

The Camel Story

Here’s The Camel Story who put his head inside as there was cold outside and after sometime came inside the tent and what happened next.

Once there was an Arab who was passing by the desert with his camel.

It was dawn so the Arab decided to rest and at sunrise, he will continue with his journey.

The night in the desert was very cold so the Arab put up a tent and went inside to sleep.

When he was about to sleep he saw the camel head was inside the tent.

The Arab asked his camel, “What happened?”

The camel replied as it is very cold outside so I want to keep my head in.

The Arab thought today there is very cold outside and agreed to keep the head of the camel inside the tent.

Then the Arab went to sleep.

After some time the camel whispered into the Arab ears and he woke up.

Camel said if I keep my neck inside then it would be great.

The Arab agreed with the camel and the camel put his neck inside the tent.

The Arab satisfied with the camel he went to sleep.

But the camel not satisfied he again woke the Arab and said it is very difficult to hang my head inside.

So can I put my forelegs inside the tent as it will take a small space.

The Arab thought it has a point to stand like this for the whole night so the Arab agreed and the camel with his foreleg came inside the tent.

Then the camel said to the Arab can I open the mouth of the tent so that I can stand without any problem as there is cold outside.

The Arab agreed and went to sleep. But it turned out that the tent was now so small to keep both of them.

Then the camel again woke the Arab and said would you please sleep outside as the tent is small and it could not accommodate both of us.

The Arab got very angry and kicked the camel out of the tent and locked the tent’s mouth tightly and slept peacefully.


Helping someone is good but some think helping them for a lifetime is bad.


We see in life how people ask for help and if they helped they ask for more and more.

They never satisfied with what they have.

So help everyone who is needy.

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