How To Enjoy Life

Here How To Enjoy Life defines that only focusing on goals may lead you miss the real treasures of life. So enjoy and live a healthy life.

There was a wise man who lived in the village and everyone respected him and his opinions were respected.

His son, but, was very lazy and wasted his time sleeping and lavish time with his friends.

In time, the wise man grew up and began to worry about his son’s future.

So one day wise man called his son to his room and said you should take responsibility and understand life I want you to find the real purpose of life and then he gave his son a bag with 4 different clothes, which included raw food, grain, dill and map.

His father continued, I want you to discover the treasure I have drawn on the map.

The son loved his idea and the next day he started looking for treasure.

He traveled extensively through forests, forests, plains, and mountains.

Along the way, he helped others with food and shelter.

He also encounters many robbers and people trick him.

He has faced the best and worst of his ways.

Finally, after a long year, he reached his target, it was a rock.

After searching for several days, he found a tree where the treasure was hidden.

He digs in the ground for many days and finds nothing.

Finding nothing, he decided to leave and became frustrated with his father’s lies.

On his return he experienced the same change of seasons but this time he enjoyed the blossoming of flowers in spring.

As the goods ran out he learned to hunt and eat.

He also master how to protect himself from wild animals.

On his way, he found people who had helped him so he stayed for a few days and helped them in some way to pay for them.

He saw how good they were to a passerby.

When he got home he realized that he had been away from the area for 2 years.

When he returned, his father asked him if he had found the treasure.

Son replied that there was no treasure father and maybe someone took it before I arrived.

He was not angry with his father and said that I too had enjoyed my life making friends and learning survival skills.

The father replied that there was no wealth for my son, so the son asked why hyou sent me father?

His father smiled and replied that I want you to live a purposeful life and that if you focus only on the goal, you will lose the real values of your life.


There should be a goal in everyone’s life but focusing on that goal could lead to you missing out on the real wealth of life.


In today’s life, we realize that we choose only our own things related to goals and as a result we lose the joy of our lives and sometimes even fight with those we love.

So don’t only focus on your goals but also enjoy the life.

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