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Story Of Fate

Here’s a Story Of Fate where the baron want’s to change his sons fate but got failed to do it. let’s see what happened in the story.

Once there lived a baron(rank of nobility & title) in the north country.

When his son was four years old so he decided to see his son’s fate.

He opened the book of fate and read that a girl born in a poor family will marry the boy.

In the book of fate, it’s also written that the family already has five children and they live near the shore.

So the baron went near the shore and found a man sitting under a tree.

When asked he said I am in very big trouble because I already have five children and now a girl is born.

So how could I buy bread to fill their stomach?

The baron said I can help you by taking away your last daughter and you don’t have to bother about her.

The baron took her and reached the bank of the river.

There he threw the little girl and went back to the palace.

The little girl didn’t sink and started floating by her clothes till she reached the shore in front of the fisherman’s hut.

The fisherman took her and she lived there for fifteen years.

One day the baron was passing by and stopped at the fisherman’s hut and asked about the girl.

She told that she don’t know when she was born and found by the fisherman.

The baron understood that the girl he threw was alive.

Then he told I can tell her fate and it says that she has to go with a letter to my brother’s castle.

There she will come to know her fate.

Ready to go but in the letter written.

Dear brother as soon as you receive the letter kill the girl who brought it.

On her way, she encountered the bandits.

They found the girl without money and read the letter.

Then they changed it and wrote.

dear brother as soon as you receive the letter marry the girl who brought the letter with your son.

Unfortunately, the baron’s son was there in the castle and as soon as the baron’s brother received the letter he organized his brother’s son’s marriage with the girl.


Fate doesn’t care about your plan, fate knows what’s best.


We see in life how people bother about their future and miss their present.

If they are happy in the present then their future will also be happy.

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