Story Of Disciple walking to the palace

Story Of Disciple

Here’s a Story Of Disciple who wants all rituals, gold, jewels and palace. but why he refused to take the throne let’s read the story.

Once there was a disciple who was at the last stage to achieve enlightenment.

He goes to his master and asked, “I am ready please tell me my last initiation.”

The master said you have to go to the king early morning when he will be in his garden.

You have to greet him and the king is very kind he gives whoever meets him.

Before sunrise, the disciple went to the king’s palace and in his garden, he was standing from 3’ o clock.

When the king arrived he bow down to the king and the king asked, “Do you need anything? I will give you jewels, gold, and palaces.”

The disciple belongs to a poor family.

He started thinking that why can’t I ask him for ten thousand gold coins.

Then he thought the king will give me anything so why for ten thousand let’s be a hundred thousand gold coins.

The king saw the disciple was thinking so he said, “You decide what you want in a few minutes till then I will return from the walk.”

Then the king left and after some time when the king returned.

The disciple said, “I want everything you have all the rituals, palaces, treasures.”

After listening the king sat down on his knees tears rolling down from his eyes and started praying to god, “I have been waiting for such man and you sent it now. Finally, you heard my prayers.”

Young disciple standing beside and thinking what is the matter why is he saying this?

Then he knows that for thirty years the king wants to be freed from his throne then why am I entering into it.

The disciple fell to knees and said to the king I don’t want anything my lord I am happy with my life.

The king asked him to stay but he refused and said, “I cant’ stay here anymore because my mind will betray me.”

The disciple left the palace and went to his master.

He told the whole story to his master.

His master said, “Your initiation is over and now nothing can make you a slave.”


Don’t become the slave of your greedy mind. Ask your soul and then decide what to do.


We see in life how people get trapped in the name of ritual, jewels, and gold.

Their mind becomes a slave to things that they can’t ever take with them after death.

So, make your soul pure so that your mind will be in full control.

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