Farmer and Birds Story where a bird made nest in the farm

Farmer and Birds Story

Here is Farmer and Birds Story where how a bird teaches the baby birds a life lesson let’s see in this story.

Once there was a farmer who lived in a village.

He has a farm near his house.

One day he sowed the seed and on the other hand, a bird made the near in his farm.

The bird gave two eggs there and one of the eggs broke out and a baby bird came out.

They were living there happily without any worry.

One day the baby bird heard the farmer saying, “Tomorrow all of you have to come to harvest the field”

After listening the baby bird got scared because they have to leave the place when harvesting will start.

The baby bird told his mother about what he heard.

His mother said to his baby bird that no one will come tomorrow and we don’t have to go anywhere.

The next day when the farmer came to his field he found that the field was not harvested.

The farmer got angry and said, “Now I will call all my relatives to harvest the field”

After listening again the baby bird got scared because he thought that not today but tomorrow we have to leave.

Said his mother about the situation his mother told his baby bird that we don’t have to go tomorrow because his relative will not come tomorrow.

The baby bird said, “what you said yesterday was true but now he is calling his relatives who already said to him yes they will come tomorrow”

The bird replied, “let’s see tomorrow”

The next day when the farmer enter his field the field was same as it was before.

The baby bird said to his mother you are again right mother.

Then the farmer decided to harvest the field by himself.

The bird said to his baby, ”Now it’s time to leave the place and fly to some other place”

The children’s asked his mother why we are leaving tonight?

The bird replied, “The last two times the farmer was dependent on others for harvesting but this time he has taken responsibility on his shoulder. So he will definitely harvest the field tomorrow”


When you want to start the work which belongs to you then start it yourself. Those who help themselves will get help from others.


We see in life how we take help from others for just small things.

Doing this, they move far away and after some days they don’t ever talk.

So first help yourself and then you will get help from others.

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