Helping Others Story of a mousetrap

Helping Others Story

Here’s a Helping Others Story where a mouse got feared with mousetrap but how life plays game at the end. let’s see how they didn’t help.

Once there was a mouse who lived in a village.

The mouse irritated the wife of the farmer.

One day when the farmer’s wife opened a box so the mouse thought it would be some food.

After leaving the box at the table the wife of the farmer went away.

The mouse want to enter the box he saw a mousetrap inside.

Then he rushed to the chicken.

The chicken told to mouse that the mousetrap is not my concern so you need to handle it on your own.

Then he went to the pig and he told mouse No worry, my friend our blessings are with you as it is a mousetrap so it’s not my concern.

Then the mouse went to the buffalo, he told mouse don’t worry my blessings are with you, and never forget that I will remember you in my prayers.

The mouse was sad and he went to the courtyard.

The night when the farmer and his wife were in their bedroom and sound came from the kitchen.

When the wife of the farmer rushed she didn’t see anything in the darkness, there was a poisonous snake whose tail got stuck into the mousetrap.

Then suddenly the poisonous snake bite on the feet of her wife.

Then the farmer rusher to the nearest hospital.

The doctor gave her an injection and discharged her and told her to take rest and eat well.

So, after coming home the farmer took the chicken to make chicken soup for her wife.

The fever was not going so everyone from the village was coming to see her wife.

The farmer then chopped the pig to feed the village people.

After a few days, the farmer’s wife passed away.

At her funeral, the whole village came, and to feed them the farmer has to slaughter the buffalo.


Life is a journey to which we are a traveler. If we don’t help others then one day it will be our problem also.


We often give excuses for other problems but if we can’t think that if it happens with us then like me no one will help us.

So, help others so that we might not face problems.

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