The Paper Boat Story

The Boat Story

Here’s The Boat Story where the boy name Jill made a paper boat and slept by keeping it beside the bed and then got to the adventure.

Once a boy named Jill.

He was very fond of boats.

He makes paper boats whenever he sees any waste paper around.

His favorite time pass was to fold the paper and make boats.

He could make boats out of any paper.

One day he got a very large piece of paper so he started making a boat out of it.

As the work got finished the paper boat was made so beautiful.

He took the paper boat and slept keeping it beside his bed.

When he woke up he saw a captain was screaming loud saying,

All of you get ready for the war. Jill woke up and got confused about what it is happening in his room.

He noticed that his room turned into an ocean.

He entered the boat and asked this ship belongs to me and why are you making the people ready.

The captain replied for the war, you kid.

Then Jill also took up a sword and when they were sailing Jill saw a very dark boat.

On that ship, the sailors were waiving the swords.

The captain of the ship ordered to attack the boat.

The war took place at the ocean with swords and cannons.

The fight took place and it was evening when the enemy boat sank into the ocean.

The sailors were waiving the sword and shouting we won the war.

Then they returned to the shore after winning the war.

Then suddenly Jill woke up and saw the boat was near his bed.

He couldn’t even meet the captain of the ship nor tell him thanks.

After that day he slept with his boat by his side as he believe that someday he will meet the captain and thank him.


Some dreams came to open our minds or some gave us ways to spend life successfully.


We see in life how people forget their dreams but some dreams are to be remembered because they give the real adventures of life.

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