A Good Deed Short Story of a maid

A Good Deed Short Story

Here’s A Good Deed Short Story where a man name Khanna was surprised by his maid that how she can buy so much things from just Rs500.

Once lived a family whose head was Mr. Khanna.

He was a businessman and spend a lot of time in his company.

One day when he was leaving for work his wife stopped him and told him to put the wet clothes outside to get dry.

He surprised why my wife is telling me to do these things.

When he asked his wife he got to know that the maid who was working at his home took holiday for two days.

Mr. Khanna asked why?

His wife told, “she went to her village to celebrate her granddaughter’s birthday”

Mr. Khanna said, “Oh it’s nice”

Then his wife asked him, “I am thinking of giving her 500Rs as she is going to her village to celebrate the birthday and inflation has gone up so it’s hard to celebrate the birthday happily”

Mr. Khanna told his wife you are thinking so much are you are so kind-hearted but you know that today we are ordering pizza so I am thinking not to give her money, she will manage.

His wife told I want to give money and today we will not eat pizza some other day.

Mr. Khanna was sad and told his wife see you are taking six pieces of pizza from my mouth.

So think and do whatever you like.

His wife decided to give the maid money.

One day when the maid was working Mr. Khanna was sitting on the chair and asked, “How’s your granddaughter birthday celebrated”

She told Mr. Khanna, “With that 500Rs she bought a dress for her granddaughter which was 150Rs, then gave the rent of the bus 100Rs, bought some bangles for 50Rs, sweets of Rs50, belt for son in law of Rs50 and remaining Rs100 gave to my daughter to purchase pen and books for school”

Mr. Khanna was surprised as he was thinking with that six pieces of pizza he would have to eat for one time but with that Rs500 she had bought so many things.


Someone’s one-time food might cost someone’s happiness for a lifetime.


We must behave properly with the people who are working under us or at home.

You never know but your help might become someone’s happiness.

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