Funny Train Journey of two friends

Funny Train Journey

Here’s a Funny Train Journey where two friends found the reserved seat but saw two men were sleeping let’s see what happens next.

Once there was a girl named Amal.

She was a 22year old girl who got the news of his maternal uncle’s wedding.

Amal was very excited to get the news and on the same night, she started packing up her clothes.

She wanted to take her best friend who was living with her in the hostel.

They both started to pack their bags and the next day they left to book the tickets.

After the tickets booked they all set to catch the train the next day.

The next day they both were excited as they were traveling by train to Trivandrum.

They reached the station before time and were waiting for the train to arrive.

As soon as the train arrive they enter the train and on searching for the seat number they saw two men were sleeping on their seats.

A Friend of Amal woke the men up and told them they are sleeping in their seats.

One of the men took out his ticket and show them that the seat belongs to them.

As they saw the same seat number their excitement was gone.

Soon they called the TT and gave them their tickets to find out how the same seat number was allotted to different people.

The TT checked their tickets and find out that they booked the seat for the evening train and they catch the train in the morning.

Now they were on the train traveling without tickets so they have to pay the fine, TT said.

Amal’s friend got angry as they were very excited about their trip and said to the TT they will not pay the fine.

After some time in mercy, they got a seat to sit and pay the fine.


Open your eyes as well as ears because you never know opportunities will come from any door.


We see in life how people don’t listen or don’t see and then get into the problem.

After getting into the problem they regret why can’t they listen or saw before.

So your good and bad are in your hands it’s upon you how you use them.

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