Saint Story where he is telling sorry whom he hurt

Saint Story

Here’s a Saint Story where the saint teaches his disciple how to control anger and told you have only seven days left. let’s see

Once there was a saint who was in discourse with his disciples.

His disciples say the saint guru.

One day when saint was talking about behavior one man entered the room forcefully and started shouting at the saint.

The saint peacefully heard to the man and then the man went.

One of the disciples got angry because in front of him a man came and started on the saint.

The disciple stood up and goes to the saint and asks, “What is the reason behind your calm behavior?”

The saint looked to the disciple and said, “You have seven days left son you are free to do anything”

The disciple got shocked after hearing this.

If someone would have said him then it would be ok but the saint is telling him so he took his words seriously.

Then he started thinking that he would be polite to everybody, he will meet his loved ones and the one whom he hurt will tell sorry and take blessings from them.

He made a routine of seven days he would wake up and worship God then he will go to his loved ones to meet.

Then to the people whom he took for granted or had hurt.

He return home and sit in remembrance of the God.

Then at night, he would pray for his forgiveness to the god.

Due to his everyday routine, he does as he planed.

The last day came and he thought to meet his guru last time before his death.

Disciple go to his guru for his blessings before death his guru asked what you did all the sixth days.

The disciple told his guru I become a man of polite, kindness, and peace.

I choose the life of peace because for the last seven days I don’t want to angry like before.

The saint said to his disciple, “This is what I am trying to teach you my son, live every moment of your life that it will end someday. This is the reason why I am so peacefully.”


Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. Peace begins with a smile.


We see in life how people angry with small things so they need to read the story to understand life.

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