Story Of Two Stones

Story Of Two Stones

Here’s a Story Of Two Stones where one was beautiful and other was rough and what did the beautiful stone told to the ugly let’s see.

Once there were two stones at the bank of the river.

There were many countless stones some were very small some are large.

Between them lies a beautiful stone.

When the sunlight falls on the stone it sparks the eye and due to its shining, every human being wants to hold that stone.

On the other hand, lies a rough stone that was very ugly.

The ugly stone was so rough that no one wants to pick that stone up.

Many days passed by and both the stones become friends.

They talk for some time and pass their time.

One day the ugly stone asked the beautiful stone, “How come you are so beautiful what is the reason behind it?”

The beautiful stone smiled and said you and I have come from the same river.

Now I am beautiful but before I was also ugly.

I was also rough no one wants to see me or neglects me.

So I thought of becoming a beautiful stone so that everyone praises my beauty.

So I did hard work and I never settle.

I flow from one region to another and on many days I endure the rain, flood, and wind.

After so much effort and hard work, I become plain and beautiful.

You don’t have to be disappointed or trouble yourself only remember to work hard.

If you don’t work hard then you will be like this only.

If I don’t work hard and stay in comfort then I will be like you rough and ugly.

But I came out of my comfort and worked hard then I become so beautiful and carved.

After listening to this the rough and ugly stone was happy and decided to work hard.


Stepping out of your comfort zone is the first step toward success.


We see in life how people quit by trying first or the second time.

But if they try consistently then one day they will succeed.

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