rich man story in english who believes in dharma and karma

Rich Man Story in English

Here’s a Rich Man Story in English where we see how the rich man follows dharma and karma and what he gets in return let’s see.

Once there was a man who was very rich.

He has so much wealth but he didn’t have any attitude.

He believed in dharma and karma.

Everyone who comes for money never refuses anyone.

But he had a policy and he follows it.

His finance manager holds the works of giving loans to everyone and asks everyone when will you return the loan in this life or the next life.

Whosoever answers, the next life he gives the loan and right it in his register.

Everyone who comes for the loan thinks that after getting rich how a man can be so foolish.

There was a thief who heard about the loan and the policy.

He thought of going and getting the loan and then he sees where the manager keeps all the money and he will steal all the money.

He goes and visits the finance manager and asks for a loan, he questions that you will return the money in this life or the next life.

The thief answered the next life as he had heard about the policy before.

The finance manager brings the money and the thief saw the place where all the money kept there.

He took the loan and left the place and decided to come at night and steal all the money.

He came at night and waiting for the rich man to sleep then he can enter the home.

So he entered the shed where the two buffaloes were there tied up.

When he was hiding in the shed he heard that the buffaloes were talking to each other.

The first buffalo said that in a previous life I have taken a loan from this man and never returned it but see in the next life now I born as a buffalo and giving milk to the man whom I had taken loan.

In this life, I am paying the debts of the previous life and will give milk my whole life until I clear all his loans.

After listening to this the thief got scared and the next day morning he returned the loan which he has taken and erased his name from the register.


We must think good because we never know what will happen to us. So always be good to others and think positively.


We see in life how people are selfish and thinks that they are the only one who is the smartest.

But when god plays with the smartest then one’s destiny will not be good.

So be good to others spread the love not the hatred and always think positive.

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