Salt Merchant and Donkey Story Moral carrying salt

Salt Merchant and Donkey Story Moral

Here’s a Salt Merchant and Donkey Story Moral where the donkey was so lazy so the merchant decided to teach him a lesson.

A long time ago there lived a merchant in a village.

He used to sell salt to other villages and earn his living.

He has a donkey for this purpose.

The donkey used to pick the weight on his back and travel to villages.

The donkey was very upset with his master as he complains his master didn’t appreciate him and not gifted him anything.

One day carrying salt on his shoulder the donkey and the merchant was crossing a small bridge.

Suddenly the donkey slipped and went into the water.

Somehow the flow was not fast so the merchant grab the donkey and took it out.

As there was salt in the bag and all of the salt got dissolved into the water.

Then the merchant decided to return home.

When the donkey was returning he find the weight was very low so he was happy.

Then he came to know that with the help of the water it lower the weight of the salt.

Again next day the merchant and his donkey set out to the village and on his way, they again had to cross the small bridge.

The donkey had an idea and knowingly fell into the river.

The merchant grab the donkey and took him out.

Then the donkey feels the weight very low.

The merchant decided to go back to his village.

He told all to his wife and they came to know that the donkey was doing it knowingly.

So to teach him a lesson they decided to keep bags of cotton on the donkey’s shoulder.

Again crossing over the river the donkey fell knowingly and when he came out he feel the weight was so heavy.

The merchant told him to continue the journey till they reach the village.

The donkey hadn’t lifted so much weight before.


Don’t become lazy about what you are doing. It will lose your growth.


We see in life how people become lazy to do their work and want to complete it in a short time.

And so they find the shortest way.

It will stop the growth in the future.

So to improve your future you have to work hard and then achieve success.

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