Success Story of A Poor Student

Success Story of A Poor Student

Here’s a Success Story of A Poor Student olive was told to leave the school because he had not paid the tuition fee. Who paid it let’s see.

Once there was a student name olive.

He passed ninth grade as he was the topper of his class.

He promoted to the tenth grade.

The first day of the tenth grade started to begin.

On the very first day, the principal called olive in his office.

And told that you have to leave the school due to lack of money.

You had not cleared your tuition fee so we are sorry you had to leave our school.

The boy ran back to his dad who worked in a puncher shop.

The boy put his bag down and started helping his dad with his work.

The man didn’t earn a living that he will pay the tuition fee.

One day a man came and asked his father why are you not making your son study.

His father said he was studying in a school but we don’t have money to pay his tuition fee.

So the management told my son to leave the school.

The man asked which school does your son study.

The man with olive went to his school to talk with the principal.

After all, this happened the next day some school staff came to the place where olive and his father work.

They came and told olive that the principal called you to join the school.

Olive asked then about my tuition fee.

The staff said your tuition fee is paid.

He went with the staff to the principal and asked who paid my tuition fee.

The principal didn’t tell anything but told him to join from tomorrow.

Confused olive started going to his classes.

Some days passed he again went to find out who paid his tuition fee.

After requesting then he came to know that his English teacher paid his fee.

After completing his studies he went to the U.S.A for work and when returned he donated to the school some million dollars because he don’t want any students to leave the school due to lack of money.

Then he met his English teacher who retired from his job.


Just when you think that you are about to experience the worst, God sends his help and surprises you with all the very best.


We see in life how people see their own and now the time came when helping others are rare.

So stop for somebody and if God has given you more, then you must help the ones who are needy.

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