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How to Become a Topper in a class
A.P.J Abdul Kalam

How to Become a Topper

Here’s How to Become a Topper an Inspiring story of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam who scored full marks and become a topper of his class. After the second world war was just over and the country was waiting for independence. All the people of our country were happy and cheering for our freedom fighters. Even […]

Lazy Student in classroom with empty notebook
Student Teacher Stories

Lazy Student

Here’s a Lazy Student story where the student who was lazy doesn’t trust himself rather his father and how he fell into the problem. Once there was a boy named Mahesh. He was a very lazy boy. One day the class teacher gave the students homework to do. Mahesh went to one of his friends […]

Value of Cleanliness in a classroom
Student Teacher Stories

Value of Cleanliness

Here’s a Value of Cleanliness Inspiring story where a boy who missed his prayer and was cleaning his class and the teacher was proud of him. Once there was a school in a town. A boy named Ashok was the class leader of the seven standards. Their teacher is very particular that everyone should attend […]

Value Of Food in a village
Student Teacher Stories

Value Of Food

Once there was a very poor man who lived with his daughter named Meena. He was a cobbler by profession. One day it was raining heavily and he was returning from his work. The man slipped and fell to the ground. Somehow he managed to return to his home. When he called his daughter she […]

Clarity Of Thought in students
Student Teacher Stories

Clarity Of Thought

Here’s a Clarity Of Thought Inspiring story where the student don’t have clarity of thought and wanted to leave the university. Once there was a brilliant boy who took admission to one of the famous universities. He formed a great bonding with one of his professors. The professor too responded with great affection. One day […]

Stolen Watch Story
Student Teacher Stories

Stolen Watch Story

Here’s a Stolen Watch Story where teacher told to wore black cloth so that thief will not caught in public and this changed the boy’s life. Once there was a teacher who was about to start his class. Half an hour passed one of the students stood up and told the teacher that his watch […]

Never Lose Hope In Life palm hand
Zen Story

Never Lose Hope In Life

Here’s a Never Lose Hope In Life Inspiring Story that will make you understand that never lose hope because no one knows what lies ahead. Once there was a Gurukul in the deep forest. Many students come to learn vidya and leave the gurukul full of knowledge. One day the guruji was teaching the students. […]

The Four Smart Students Story of a college students
Student Teacher Stories

The Four Smart Students Story

Here’s The Four Smart Students Story where the students told lie to their dean and what question they got in their question paper let’s see. Once there were four students who lived together in a hostel. Before a month the college announced the exam dates. The four students were not serious about their studies. So […]

How to Relieve Stress Quickly a glass of water
Student Teacher Stories

How to Relieve Stress Quickly

Here’s a How to Relieve Stress Quickly Inspiring story through which you will get to know how to avoid stress, anxiety and pain quickly. One day a psychology professor entered the classroom with half a glass of water in his hand. The students expected the old common question, “Was it half empty or half full?” […]