Tiger And Donkey Story of grass

Tiger And Donkey Story

Here’s a Tiger And Donkey Story where the Lion’s decision was punishing the tiger but he was right because he knows the power of silence.

Once there lived a tiger and a donkey in a jungle.

They were living happily together with other animals.

One day they both into an argument about the color of the grass.

The donkey said, “The color of grass is blue.”

But the tiger said, “The color of grass is green.”

They both argued with each other but didn’t come to any conclusion.

Then they went to the giraffe and asked what is the color of the grass.

Before his reply, the donkey said, “the grass is blue isn’t it?”

Then the tiger interrupted and said, “No the color of grass is green.”

The giraffe was confused about what to tell and answered I don’t know and I would suggest you go to the king of the jungle.

He will definitely solve your issue.

They both wen the lion and told about the argument.

The donkey said, “I am seeing the grass is blue so it’s blue but the tiger is not accepting.”

The lion listened to both of them and said to the donkey, “You believe the grass is blue so it’s blue.”

The donkey was happy with the lion’s answer and demanded to punish the tiger.

Lion then declared that the tiger’s punishment will be, that he will keep silent for three days.

The donkey was overjoyed and went away shouting, “The color of grass is blue, the color of grass is blue.”

The tiger told to the lion that everyone knows that the grass is green so why did you punish me?

The lion said yes you are right the color of the grass is green and I punished you because a brave and intellectual animal like you will not waste time arguing with a donkey.


The biggest waste of time is arguing with a fool as he only focuses on his victory without any truth or reality.


We see in life how people argue with the ones who don’t want any facts or evidence only they want is to win.

So, stop wasting time with the fools rather be quiet if they want to argue.

Because patience is a very powerful weapon that you can use.

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