the black dot on the white paper

The Black Dot Story Professor

One day a professor came into classroom and asked students to prepare for an unexpected exam.

They are all anxiously waiting at their desks for the test to begin.

He handed them all the papers and asked them to turn the papers over.

Everyone was amazed that there were no questions just a black dot in the middle of the paper.

The professor saw the expression on everyone’s face and told them to write about what they all saw there.

The students were confused and started work.

At the end of the class, the professor picked up all the papers and began reading each one aloud in front of all the students.

They all described the black dot trying to explain its shape in the center of the sheet.

After all, it was reading, quiet in the classroom.

The professor began to explain, ‘I’m not giving you any questions, I just wanted to give you something to think about.

No one wrote on the white part of the paper.

Everyone focused on the black dot and the same thing happened in our lives.

However, we insist that we focus only on the black spot which is health problems, lack of money, complex relationships with family members, disappointment with a friend.

Black spots are very small compared to everything we have in our lives.

But they are the ones who pollute our minds.

Take your eyes off the black spots in your life.

Enjoy each of your blessings every moment life gives you.

Rejoice and live a life full of love!

Then the bell rang and the students went out to spend the rest of their lives.


More than 90% of lives are blessed with beauty, opportunities, and happiness.


We see in life, when we focus only on evil, we forget that our life is more than 90% blessed with goodness.

Every day gives us a new opportunity.

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