little red riding hood story

Little Red Riding Hood Story

Here’s a Little Red Riding Hood Story where she didn’t listened to her mother and fall into a trap of the wolf. let’s read the amazing story.

Long ago there lived a very pretty girl in the forest.

She wore a red cap with a hood so everybody called her the little red riding hood.

She lived with her mother in a small hut.

One day she decided to meet his grandmother.

Her grandmother lived deep inside the woods.

Her mother warned her of talking to strangers.

She then left the hut and went to meet her grandmother.

On her way, a wolf saw the little red riding hood and thought of eating her.

But he wanted to know where she was going.

So the wolf wore a costume of a man and went to the red riding hood.

The wolf asked, “Where are you going little red riding hood?”

She answered, “I am going to see my grandmother who lived deep in the woods.”

Then the wolf went away thinking to first eat her grandmother and then the little red riding hood.

So the wolf went to the hut where her grandmother was living.

He ate her grandmother and wore her dress.

Then he lay on the bed and put on a blanket waiting for her granddaughter to arrive.

As the little red riding hood entered the hut she was surprised to see her grandmother’s big arms, ears, and big teeth.

The wolf laughed a wicked laugh and pounce on her.

She was scared and screamed for help.

A kind woodcutter was passing by who saw a wolf was going to eat a small girl.

He immediately hit the wolf on his head with his ax.

The woodcutter then tore the wolf’s stomach and grandmother came out of it.

Then She hugged her granddaughter.


Always listen to your parent’s advice because they are the only ones on this earth who wants and wishes the best for you.


We see in life who don’t listen to their parents one day regret it.

And when they are sorry then their parents are not in this world to forgive them.

So always respect them because one day you will feel the pain of not having them in your life.

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