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Clarity Of Thought in students
Student Teacher Stories

Clarity Of Thought

Here’s a Clarity Of Thought Inspiring story where the student don’t have clarity of thought and wanted to leave the university. Once there was a brilliant boy who took admission to one of the famous universities. He formed a great bonding with one of his professors. The professor too responded with great affection. One day […]

glass of lemonade story
Student Teacher Stories

Glass of Lemonade Story

Here’s a Glass of Lemonade Story where we know how we don’t remove the salt from the drink of lemonade but add sugar to it. let’s start the story. Once there was a boy in the school who didn’t talk to anyone. The boy sits at the last bench and he didn’t have friends too. […]

the black dot on the white paper
Student Teacher Stories

The Black Dot Story Professor

One day a professor came into classroom and asked students to prepare for an unexpected exam. They are all anxiously waiting at their desks for the test to begin. He handed them all the papers and asked them to turn the papers over. Everyone was amazed that there were no questions just a black dot […]