The Four Smart Students Story of a college students

The Four Smart Students Story

Here’s The Four Smart Students Story where the students told lie to their dean and what question they got in their question paper let’s see.

Once there were four students who lived together in a hostel.

Before a month the college announced the exam dates.

The four students were not serious about their studies.

So when the exam was going to start, the night before the exam they planned to party.

They all agreed and went to the bar and they all enjoyed the whole night.

When they were returning home they decided to go to the college in this condition.

One of them told to put some grease and mud so that we could tell that one of the car tires got busted and the whole night we pushed the car and came to the college.

So we didn’t get time to study.

All four students agreed and they went to that condition to the college.

The dean listened to them and said that the exam will be postponed for 5 days.

They all were happy that they will get time to study.

The day came for the exam.

The dean decided to make them sit in different rooms for the special condition test.

They all agreed because they were prepared very well for the exam.

They all got the paper and when they saw the question paper they were surprised.

There were only two questions in the question paper.

The first question was the name of the student and the other question was, “Which of the tires got burst?”


A lie has no legs which mean if you tell the truth then you don’t have to remember anything.


We see in life how people tell something else and eyes see something else.

When this happens then use your brain.

God doesn’t love those who lie but loves those who tell the truth.

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