glass of lemonade story

Glass of Lemonade Story

Here’s a Glass of Lemonade Story where we know how we don’t remove the salt from the drink of lemonade but add sugar to it. let’s start the story.

Once there was a boy in the school who didn’t talk to anyone.

The boy sits at the last bench and he didn’t have friends too.

One of his teachers notices him and told him to meet him after the class.

The boy was scared why his teacher was calling him after the class.

As the class ends he goes and meets his teacher.

The teacher asked him why are you so quiet, you didn’t talk to anyone nor you have friends and it has been showing In your marks what happen.

The boy said to his teacher I have many problems in my life so I sit and think about the problems.

The teacher listens to his answer and thinks for some time.

Then his teacher invited him to her house for a talk about the problem.

The boy thought for a while and the day came when he has to meet his teacher.

He goes there and his teacher asked him, “would you like glass of lemonade?”

The boy hesitantly replied yes and his teacher went to the kitchen to make it.

She put some salt and intentionally added more salt and a little sugar.

She gives the drink to the boy and he drank and after that, the boy realized that there Is more salt than sugar.

The teacher told to give me this drink I will throw it.

Then the boy advised his teacher that there is more salt but if you add more sugar than salt, then it will become a good drink.

The teacher replied that this is what I want to make you understand.

Compare the situation with your life.

By not taking out salt from water but if we add some sugar then it will become a sweet drink.

This is what life is if you add sugar to your life then it will be sweet and if you throw the drink then the solution will never be taken out.

The boy realized his mistake and thanked his teacher for teaching him the lesson.


Thinking of our problems we are destroying our present so pour some sweetness into your life.


We see in life how people cry thinking about their past and didn’t know that they are also destroying their future.

So let’s fill the joy in the present and make our life happy and prosperous.

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