Nails in the Fence Story

Nails in the Fence Story

This is the story of a little girl who is always angry.

Whenever she gets angry she does not see who is in front of him and says whatever she wants.

Sometimes she used to break the things she saw around her.

Her parents worried and did not know what to do and always tried to make her understand but failed.

One day her mother goes to her teacher because the teacher was the one who listened to her.

The mother reported all that had happened, and the teacher said that in the future, your daughter’s anger would subside.

Her mother did not understand what she was saying but said what goes on trying.

As every day when she got to school her teacher said we would not study today instead we would play a game.

The little girl was happy.

The teacher takes the little girl to the back of the house.

She said the game will be any time you get angry you have to take a nail and fix it on the fence.

The girl asked her teacher what the purpose of the game was.

The teacher replied that at the end of the game she would receive a prize.

A little girl does what her teacher tells her to do.

Whenever she gets angry she takes a nail to the back of the house and starts hitting the nail.

As a little more annoying on the first day there are more than ten nails on the fence.

During the crucifixion she have to go to the back of the house ands crucify.

So she wondered why I could not control my anger.

There were 8 nails and the next day 6 days and then 4 nails and 2 and 1.

And there came a day when she was not angry and that day there were no nails on the fence.

The little girl was delighted and told her teacher that today there is no crucifixion because I was not angry.

Teacher happily took her to the back of her house and said the game was not over.

Teacher offered another job and said that the day you never get angry at the end of the day you should go and get a nail out of the fence.

She began to do what her teacher told her to do.

It took more than a month to remove all the nails.

The day came when all the nails were out of the fence.

There’s no nail left and tell the teacher about happiness.

The teacher walks with the little girl to look at the fence.

There was no nails left and her teacher handed her favorite chocolate saying she won the prize.

The teacher asked her if she saw anything on the fence?

The little girl answered, “No, ma’am, all the nails have been removed.”

Her teacher again asked to see the fence twice and then told her that you saw something on the fence?

The little girl after searching for a while said to her teacher there are spots were the nail was.

After that her teacher replied that as you have nailed the fence and you can remove the nails but you do not wipe those areas where you nailed them.

Specifically, the same thing happens when you are angry, when you are angry with your parents or anyone else they gets hurt and there is no room left and you can’t remove it as you tell them sorry a hundred or a thousand times.

After listening to this she started crying and ran to her parents and hugged them and told them she would never be angry again from now on.

After that day the little girl was not angry.


We should never be angry with anyone no matter what the situation. Patience is the only key to control your anger.

The conclusion

We see in life how angry we are with little things and because of that anger, we forget the respect of our family members.

So the only key to control your anger is patience.

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