Why Should we Trust God in Difficult Times

Why Should we Trust God in Difficult Times

Here’s a Why Should we Trust God in Difficult Times Moral story in which we come to know how God tests his most beloved believers.

Once a couple lived in England.

Her husband was running a successful business.

One day husband suffered a big loss in business.

That day he lost all his money and suffered from depression.

Now he has no money for his expense.

His interest in spending time with his family, eating, and drinking all has ended.

He used to live alone sitting somewhere and thinking about his family.

But his wife was intelligent so she tried to make him understand that everything will be all right.

This didn’t work and he still remains in grief.

One day his wife decided to make him understand so she wore a black dress(custom to wear black cloth on the death of someone) and came in front of her husband.

His husband asked why are you wearing such a dress, did someone die?

She replied, “Yes, God” listening to this husband replied how is it possible?

His wife said by looking at you and with your behavior, it seems that God is no more.

You used to say that whatever happens, happens with the grace of God.

And nowadays you live like everything ended, you stopped eating, and spending time with families.

So, stop thinking about your family’s future because you only tell that God is very great he doesn’t do bad with their believers.

After listening this husband was now looking good compared to before but he was worried about how he will pay his family expenses.

His wife said you are 50 years old and you worked hard for your family so don’t give up in life you faced many ups and downs but we overcome them.

So this time we will overcome this trouble and be happy again.

Husband excepts his mistake and the next day he started working and hope to be normal again.


God gives bad times to those he loves the most because he wants to test his beloved believers. And remember that God gives you pain from which you can overcome.


We see in life how people despair when a problem comes to their life so always say try me instead of why me?

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