Value Of Food in a village

Value Of Food

Once there was a very poor man who lived with his daughter named Meena.

He was a cobbler by profession.

One day it was raining heavily and he was returning from his work.

The man slipped and fell to the ground.

Somehow he managed to return to his home.

When he called his daughter she saw that one of her father’s legs was broken.

Now she was thinking about how we will manage to earn our living.

The next day she went to the head of the village because he was a very rich man.

The head of the village needed a maid so she managed to work there but the son of the head of the village Gopal was very rude.

One day when Gopal’s friend came to his house she was given the responsibility of making good food.

After they ate their food Gopal called her and told her to throw the rest of the food into the garbage.

Meena suggested Gopal, value the importance of food and take only that much of the food which is required.

Gopal got angry and told her to wait until his father come.

When Meena completed her work and was going back to her home.

Gopal’s father asked what was in the bag.

Meena replied food that Gopal and his friends left.

Gopal said she is taking it to her home and next time she will steal something else.

So the head of the village fired Meena from work and she sat outside her house and started crying.

Meena’s headmaster saw her crying and asked her why is she not coming to school.

Meena told the whole story and her headmaster told her to work in his house and told her to take admission into a government school.

One day Gopal’s father got arrested and taken to jail.

Gopal was hungry but no one was giving him food to eat.

Meena was passing by and offered Gopal to come to her home and had some food.


The value of food is only understood when you are totally hungry.


We see in life how people waste food and throw it into the waste.

If they will feed the hungry with the left food at their home then hungry will soon end.

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