Value of Cleanliness in a classroom

Value of Cleanliness

Here’s a Value of Cleanliness Inspiring story where a boy who missed his prayer and was cleaning his class and the teacher was proud of him.

Once there was a school in a town.

A boy named Ashok was the class leader of the seven standards.

Their teacher is very particular that everyone should attend the prayer in the morning.

And if someone would miss the prayer it would lead to serious punishment for the student.

One day the class was praying on the ground in the morning.

Ashok who was the class leader doesn’t find Rohan in the students who were praying.

After prayer when they went back to their class Ashok saw Rohan in the class.

Ashok asked Rohan, “Why didn’t you attend the prayer as you know our class teacher is very strict about it?”

Before Rohan could answer the class teacher entered the class.

The teacher asked Ashok, “Did everyone attend the prayer today?”

Ashok stood up and replied, “Sir, except Rohan everyone attended the prayer.”

The teacher asked Rohan, “Is it right Rohan that you have not attended the prayer?”

everyone in the class was eager to see that Rohan was being punished, as he studies well and behaves well.

The teacher was ready to punish Rohan but he asked Rohan the last time, “Why you stayed away from the prayer?”

Rohan said, “I came to the class on time but others has already gone for prayer so I kept my bag and was about to go. But I saw that the classroom was full of dust and rubbish papers. The whole place was dirty and unhygienic. The boy who was in charge of cleanliness didn’t do his duty. So I cleaned the whole class and couldn’t attend the prayer. If I have done something wrong then do punish me, sir.”

The teacher appreciated Rohan and told all students to be like Rohan.

And he continued that as all will think like you our school will be famous.


Do good and the good will come to you.


We see in life how people ignore doing good and think that is not our problem.

And one day when they are given such work then they fail to do it.

So if you do good, then the good will automatically come to you.

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