Clarity Of Thought in students

Clarity Of Thought

Here’s a Clarity Of Thought Inspiring story where the student don’t have clarity of thought and wanted to leave the university.

Once there was a brilliant boy who took admission to one of the famous universities.

He formed a great bonding with one of his professors.

The professor too responded with great affection.

One day the professor was walking by and the student saw him and rushed toward him.

The student said sir I just want your 5 minutes, I want to talk to you.

The professor replied, “No no” and walked away.

The student felt hurt as the professor was excited to talk with the student but today he backed me.

Feeling depressed he stood outside the staff room.

The professor entered the staff room and exchanged laughs with the co-professors and then went to his car.

The student ran to him and again asked, “Sir just two minutes I want to talk to you.”

Professor replied, “I told you my child not now and I am sorry.”

The professor sat in his car and drove away.

The professor didn’t come to the university for four days.

These days the student went to the other professors and asked about him.

Everybody replied, “No he is absent today.”

After four days the professor came to the college.

The professor saw the boy and told him why do you look so dull come and meet me in the staffroom.

The boy went to the staff room.

The boy replied I was hurt because you didn’t talk to me and in the grief, I left eating and drinking, I decided that if you did not turn up for more than two days then I leave the university.

The professor said that day I have a headache so I went to the co-professors to tell them that I will take a leave and I am not feeling well.

And I was not in the state of talking to you, boy.

Now you are so selfish without knowing the actual reason you decided to leave the university.

So learn a habit of listening.

If an elder person is saying you something then there is a reason behind it.

So listen carefully and understand people.


Clarity must be there in everyone’s life so that you should understand people better and take action according to it.


We see in life how we got hurt by only giving priority to our feelings and never understanding other’s feelings.

One must never become great if they don’t understand other’s feelings.

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