Rickshaw Puller Story

Rickshaw Puller Story

Here’s a Rickshaw Puller Story where the rich man was confused how the poor rickshaw puller is so happy and didn’t worry about his future.

Once there was a rich man who was on his way to his office.

His car broke down on his way.

He had to reach the office anyhow.

The rich man came out of his car and saw a rickshaw puller sitting under the tree.

He went to him and asked him to drop him at his office.

The rickshaw puller agreed and with the humming, he started to cycle his rickshaw.

The rich man sat behind him and was thinking how this man is so happy.

Then the rich man asked how much it will be from here to my office.

The rickshaw puller said, “20Rs Sir.”

The rich man thought after earning such a little he is so happy that he was singing his whole way.

After reaching the office the rich man gave him money and his card.

The rich man invited him to his bungalow for lunch.

The rickshaw puller thanked him and went back humming.

The rich man waited for the poor rickshaw puller.

He came for lunch and the rich man ordered to make good food.

They both started eating and the rich man saw that the rickshaw puller was eating as he ate the food before.

Then the rich man decided to make him stay for some days.

The rich man ordered the servants to take good care of him and anything he needed, provide him.

The poor rickshaw puller lived with the rich man for some day.

One day the rich man came home from the office and asked the poor rickshaw puller you are all right.

He replied, “Yes everything is all right and thanks to God.”

Then he decided to make his return home.

He told the rickshaw puller thanks for staying with us.

The rickshaw puller said ok sir now I will return to my home.

The rich man met him the next day at the place where he saw met him for the first time.

And was confused that he still humming and sitting without any tension.

He went to the man and asked humbly, “You are so poor and humming like everything is ok how is it possible to feel relaxed in this situation?”

The rickshaw puller replied, “Whatever the situation is no matter because God has given me everything so I thank God and what I was chanting is the hymn of God and its glory.”


Be happy for what God has decided because God makes the best decision for us.


We see in life how people are running before money and comfort and forget the important people in their life.

God has said however is agreed with my decision in the world I will be agreed with him on the day of Judgement.

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