Short Story About Hatred and bag of tomatoes

Short Story About Hatred

Here’s a Short Story About Hatred where the students who learned to keep their heart pure by forgiving them whom they hate.

Once there was a class going and the teacher told all the students to bring tomatoes in a bag.

The condition to bring the tomatoes is the number of people you hate will be equal to the number of tomatoes.

This means If a child hates five people then he had to bring five tomatoes.

All the students understood and on the decided day the students brought tomatoes accordingly.

Some have brought two, some five, and some twenty tomatoes in a bag.

Then the teacher said, “Now the assignment in which I am going to give you is that you all have to carry the bags which you brought, for a week everywhere you go.”

The students understood the assignment and they all carried the bag for a week.

As the days passed the tomatoes started to lose their freshness and got spoiled.

After a week when the students returned to their school, the teacher asked all the students, “What you have observed after a week.”

All the students complained about the tomatoes as they started to rot and an awful smell started coming out from them.

Some said who were carrying more tomatoes that they were heavy, rot and complained about the awful smell.

The teacher said, “This is the lesson which you have to learn is that never carry any hatred in your heart. If you carry it will spoil your heart. As the tomatoes were smelling awful in only a week then think about the hatred which we carry throughout of life.”


The heart is a beautiful garden that needs to be taken care of. Forgive the ones who have done wrong to you or hurt you. This will make the room of your heart clean.


We see in life how people hate people their entire life and make their hearts bad.

When they start forgiving the ones they hate then their life will become pure and clean.

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