Struggle in Life story of a farmer walking between wheat crop

Struggle in Life

Here’s a Struggle in Life Story of a farmer where he didn’t let his crops struggle to which the result is a hollow crop.

Once there was a farmer who lived in a village.

He was a hard-working man.

The farmer used to grow crops very hard but his crops often got spoiled due to drought, flood, storm, etc.

Somehow or the other his crops got spoiled.

So, one day he sat under the tree and looked at his spoiled crops.

He was frustrated so he looked up and started talking to God.

He said to the god everyone considers you great, the one who knows everything, the most powerful one but I think that you don’t know anything.

You even don’t know how the crops are grown and if you knew then you would never send drought, storm, or flood.

You don’t know how much loss a farmer has to suffer.

If I have the power to change the weather as I want then I will show you how the crops are grown.

Then a sound came from the sky telling the farmer today I am giving you all the power to change the weather as you want and protect your crop.

After a day or two, the farmer again grew the wheat crop.

Now the farmer has the power to change the weather.

So he doesn’t let the flood, storm, and drought come to his field.

The farmer’s field yielded a crop that had never been grown before.

The farmer was very happy and thinking of telling God that this is how power is used.

Now the crops were ready to harvest and the farmer happily started harvesting the crop.

As he saw the crop he was surprised to see that there was not a single grain.

So he looked up and started shouting to God that maybe you have punished me.

The voice came from the sky saying I have not punished you but you yourself are responsible for this.

You didn’t give your crops a chance to struggle.

Neither did you allow them to be exposed to the storms, nor did you allow them to endure the rain, nor did you allow them to bask in the sun.

That’s why all the plants remained hollow from the inside.


The struggle you are doing today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.


We see in life how people say that they are struggling and having a bad life but they will see that today’s pain is tomorrow’s power.

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