Story of Nature Beauty where the traveler was resting under an orange tree

Story of Nature Beauty

Here’s Story of Nature Beauty where the traveler came to know that the nature has been made for us so we must enjoy its beauty. Let’s start the story.

One day, traveler was crossing the desert with a bag on his back.

He was searching on his way but found no tree to take rest.

The traveler walked a mile and found a small garden, there were big fruit trees and a lake.

The traveler was happy to see the fruits on the trees.

He thought that how foolish the creator is when I need tree the most there was not a single tree but after walking some mile, there is a beautiful garden.

Seeing the tree full of fruits, the traveler plucked the fruits and started eating.

When he was eating orange he saw big pumpkins lying next to the orange tree.

He thought that “The pumpkin which is round and big is lying on the ground and the orange which is small is hanging on the tree, the creator of the nature is so foolish who had made such a foolish design.”

After that, something fell on the head of the traveler.

And he shouted so hard that the orange he was eating, fell on the ground.

For a minute he was seeing the things around him roaming but a minute later he put his hand on his head and started shouting.

After a minute when he searched he saw an orange.

Then he thought that the orange might have fallen.

He realized, that was orange which gave him so much pain if it was a pumpkin then he might have pissed off.

So he looked up at the sky and feel sorry to god and told that what you made has a reason behind its creation.


Nature is not foolish rather it has a reason behind its creation.


We see in life how we criticize nature but we don’t know that God has made nature for some reason.

God knows everything, he knows more than a human being.

So stop criticizing nature and start respecting nature so that you also get respected.

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