Treasure Story ancient wisdom of an owl

Treasure Story

Here’s a Treasure Story where the owl with his wisdom told the boy, the lion, an eagle and a camel that the real treasure is togetherness.

Once a boy living in a village found a treasure map in his home.

He was very excited about the hunt and exclaimed that let’s find treasure and had some adventure.

The boy walked a long way and finally reached a forest.

He met a lion and told him, “You are strong and courageous would you join me in a treasure hunt?”

The lion agreed and joined him.

The forest was dense so the lion helped the boy to make it through.

Then the two finally reached the mountain.

There the boy met an eagle.

The boy said to the eagle, “You have a very good vision and can alert us about the danger, will you join us in a treasure hunt?”

Eagle agreed and joined the boy and the lion.

The mountains were tall and they had to climb.

The lion slipped but the boy gave him a hand and pulled him up.

Eagle with his sharp vision looked around to alert him about the danger.

Soon they reached a valley where they met sheep.

The boy asked the sheep, “Will you join us in our treasure hunt?”

Sheep agreed and joined the group of a lion, boy, and eagle.

The cold wind swept across the valley and they huddled against sheep to keep them warm.

Then they reached the desert where they met the camel.

The boy said to the camel, “You are called the ship of the desert will you help us to cross the desert and help us join the treasure hunt?”

Camel agreed and they took everyone on his back and set happily to cross the desert.

Then they reach a forest where they met an owl.

After looking at them the boy asked the owl, “Can you help us find the treasure?”

Own spoke from his ancient wisdom, “Congratulations, you have found the treasure.”

Everybody was surprised and look at each other.

The owl said, “Together you have crossed the forest, climb the mountains, crossed the valley and desert. You have never done it without one another.”

They all looked at each other and realized that the owl was right.


Individuals, we are a drop but together we are an ocean.


We see in life how people want to achieve their goals in life without help from others.

So if you feel so then remember that one can break a single stick but together it is impossible.

So if you want to become powerful in life then togetherness is the key.

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