Story of A Dog walking on the river

Story of A Dog

Here’s Story of A Dog walking on a river and when the hunter’s friend saw him walking he was busy finding disadvantage on him.

Once there was a hunter who lived in a city.

He used to hunt birds for a living.

After hunting he used to sell them in the market and earn his living.

As time passed he earned lots of money by hunting birds.

One day he went to the market and bought a dog.

The next day he went hunting with his dog.

He decided to hunt a swan.

He went with his dog to a river to hunt for swans.

When he entered the river in search of a swan he saw that his dog was walking on the river.

The hunter was astonished after seeing the miracle.

But he was also happy after seeing that his dog was walking over the river.

Then the hunter decided to show his dog to his friend.

He wanted to see his reaction when his friend sees how a dog is walking on a river.

So the next day the hunter called his friend to hunt a swan.

The hunter left the dog on the river and the dog hunted as many swans as he could.

When the hunter’s friend saw the dog walking on the river he didn’t react nor he told anything.

The hunter wanted to see his friend’s reaction but it didn’t happen.

In the evening, after hunting many swans when they both were about to go to their homes the hunter asked, “Did you see anything different in my dog?”

His friend replied, “Yes I saw a different thing in your dog that is your dog can’t swim and he will never learn swimming. This is the biggest advantage of your dog.”


Whatever you do good or bad people will always have something negative to say.


We see in life how people do good and in return, they have to hear negative or bad about it.

So there is God who is listening to them and they have to pay for what they have said.

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