Princess And The Pea Moral where the prince find his princess

Princess And The Pea Moral

Here’s a Princess And The Pea Moral story where the pretty girl who called herself princess had to gone through a test. what is it let’s read.

Once upon a time, there lived a lovely prince in a kingdom.

The young prince lived a life of luxury with all the comforts he could ever dream of.

Though, the only thing missing is the real princess.

The prince told his family so the king and queen had decided to found him the perfect match.

The royal family traveled to many countries but could not find the real princess.

They meet many beautiful young women who claim to be real princesses, but none of them were.

The prince returned to the castle in disappointment.

The king consoled his son and said that God must have a plan.

You’ll find it in a good place when the time comes.

That night a great storm hits the kingdom.

It started to rain heavily all over the kingdom.

During the storm, members of the royal family heard a knock on the castle door.

Putting on the king’s robes and going upstairs, the king saw a beautiful young woman in a shabby dress seeking refuge. “I am a real princess, I want clean clothes and a place to spend the night,” the girl said.

The king said to his servants, “Let the poor girl stay.”

The Queen listened to her and went down.

When the girl says that she is a princess, the queen thought of a test.

She asked her maids to prepare an unusual bed for the princess, with several mattresses in the middle and several layers of warm duvets.

Then she put the beans under the bed.

The princess went to bed and slept in the well-prepared bed.

In the morning the queen called her to the breakfast and said, “The night you sleep well?” she asked.

The princess complained that it was well prepared, but she couldn’t sleep because it was so uncomfortable.

The queen immediately looked at the prince and said “We have found your true princess.”

“Due to her imagination and noble upbringing, only a true princess can see the flaws of the bed made for her.”


Don’t ever judge a person by their appearance.


In life, we see that people evaluate their behaviors according to their appearance in a few minutes.

As God said, I don’t see your appearance or your money, I only see your heart.

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