Ant and Dove Story

Ant and Dove Story

Here’s an Ant and Dove Story where the dove helped the ant and then the dove got helped from the ant so karma returns so always help other.

Once upon a time on a hot summer day, the ant was searching for water.

In the forest, there was a river flowing.

Somehow the ant went near the river and climbed the stone to drink water.

When the ant was about to take a sip he slipped and fell into the water.

Now the dove was sitting on the branch of a nearby tree.

The dove was kind-hearted but also self-conscious and always want to make a good impression.

So nobody in the forest would make a mark on his reputation as doves are kind-hearted.

When he saw an ant fall into the water so he thought that it was an opportunity to shine and be a hero.

So he plucked one of his feathers and drop it into the water.

Somehow the ant moves towards the feather and climbed upon it.

Then the feather drifted to the ground and soon the ant jumped off the feather.

The ant looked up to the tree and thanked a thousand times.

The same day a bird catcher enter the jungle and was about to catch the same dove.

When he was moving close to the dove an ant saw the bird catcher and guessed what he was about to do.

The dove was resting on the branch and he had no idea about the bird catcher.

So the ant bit the bird catcher in his small toe.

Out of pain the bird catcher dropped the net and shouted loudly.

The dove heard the noise and quickly flew away to the safe tree.


God helps those who help others.


We see in life how people don’t help others by ignoring them.

So stop for some time and help others so that God will help us.

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