The Stranger in The Garden Story where the man was picking the fruits

The Stranger in The Garden Story

Here’s The Stranger in The Garden Story where man who planted trees bear fruits, stranger pick all the fruits and say I am servant of God.

Once there was a man who has a very big garden.

In the garden, there are trees of different fruits.

The man planted the tree a year ago and watered it so that it could bear fruit.

Then he will pluck all the fruits and sell them into the market and earn his living.

When the trees started to bear fruits the man with his son started to pluck all the fruits from the trees.

When he was plucking the fruits from the trees, he saw a man was sitting on the tree and picking the fruits.

The man said, “Hey who are you, and how dare you to pick my fruits which have grown with my hard work”

The stranger listened but didn’t respond and continued to pick the fruits.

The man ordered his son to bring that stranger down.

The boys brought the stranger down from the tree and the man angrily asked the stranger, “Do you know how much effort we have to put to grow fruits on the tree?”

The stranger replied, “This garden is a gift from God and I am his servant so you don’t have any right to stop the servant of God from doing his work.”

The man thought for a while and ordered his son to bring a rope and a stick.

The son obeyed his father’s order and brought the rope and a stick.

The man said to tie the stranger with the tree.

After tying the stranger with the tree, the man started to beat the stranger.

The stranger was shouting why are you beating me I am a servant of God.

The man replied, “You can’t stop me because I am a servant of God and the bamboo stick is the gift from God, so who are you to interfere in the work of God”

The stranger hesitated and said, “Ok I understood what you are trying to say.”

The man untied the stranger and said, “Now you understand your mistake so I am leaving you”

The stranger went out of the garden quietly.


God has given every servant Brain so that they could think and work accordingly. The deeds we do are in our hands.


We see in life how people do bad and then say that they are doing it because of God.

But they don’t know that they are increasing their own deeds.

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