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Believe In Yourself

Here’s a Believe In Yourself Inspiring Story where the old man believed in himself and start dancing until it starts to rain.

Once there was a village that earn their living by farming.

An old man lived in the village who was famous for calling rain by dancing.

Whenever the old man dances the clouds gathered and it starts to rain.

Many people of the village have seen it with their eyes.

Whenever the farmers need rain for the crops to be harvested they gather and request the old man to dance.

On the request from the villagers, the old man dances and it starts to rain.

One day some people from the town came to that village.

They came to know about the old man.

Firstly they don’t believe that if someone dances and it starts to rain.

Then they decided to meet the old man once.

So they gathered all the villagers and went to the old man.

They said, “We came from town and we want to see your powers.”

The old man told first you all dance one by one maybe it will start to rain.

One of the people who came from town started to dance for 15-20 minutes but it doesn’t rain.

Then another one tries to dance for half an hour but then also it doesn’t rain.

Then one by one they all dance but it doesn’t rain.

At last, they all request the old man to dance.

They all believed that we all danced and it was no sign of rain so the old man will dance and it will not rain.

The old man starts to dance.

The time passes but there was no sign of rain.

The old man continue to dance and it was now evening.

After dancing for 10 hours now the clouds gathered and it starts raining.

The people who came from town didn’t understand and asked the old man how is it possible.

The old man said, “Whenever I start dancing I accept that it will rain, I fully believe that it will rain and I don’t stop until the rain starts. When the rain doesn’t come for four day’s I dance for four days.”


Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.


We see in life how success comes to those who are consistent in their life.

Because they believe that success will come one day and until success comes they work consistently.

So if you fear failure then success will never be yours.

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